User Support Group

Description of the task


University students, faculty and staff from the problems of the use of personal computers, problems that will occur during the use of software developed by the university and used as a ready office / web / presentation about the future, and help solve problems.

Essential Duties, Powers and Responsibilities:

1- Antivirus software to look at the problems that may occur so that users install the software on their PC. 
  2 - Used by the students to manage computer labs.


Of the unit are making repairs, repair request form prepared by the General Secretariat of the university in charge of the service concerned gerekmektedir.Bu forms filled out by the department to reach the moment of need by type of malfunction or maintenance of the workshop as well as the demand over the short period of time whether to intervene, the problem is solved

The staff of employees

-Computer Technician - Ahmet SELLİ 

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