KİLİS 7 ARALIK UNIVERSITY

                                       INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT


The University Computer Center; legislation as Law No. 2680 dated 17/6/1982, No. 124 dated 10/07/1983 with the Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education Institutions in the upper mentioned Decree-Law on Administrative Organization;

              Article 34 The duties of the Computer Center are:
              a) operate in the university computing system, education, training and research to support
              b) other data processing services to meet needs in the university.

The University will give the top management of tasks and other duties and work efficiently to fulfill the state.



     The main activities of the university to do a better · Information Technology (IT) to increase the adequacy,
     Develop a holistic view of ·,
     · Available by identifying the needs of the situation to determine
     · continuity and keep in the forefront
     Prioritization of work to be done to make · IT field and to determine the road map.

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