Computer Center Presidency, university students with academic and administrative units are required to meet the new information technologies and services for IT services by giving the university, control and coordination through the use of effective and efficient manner and aims to provide continuity.

Kilis 7 December University Computer Center, researchers, students, staff, educational and administrative units, have the responsibility to provide information technology support. Within the scope of this task, the Department Presidency, university departments and employees to the maximum extent to meet the expectations of services, the economic conditions, the reliable, high quality and to produce a continuous service with the understanding, has set as a target. Flat Presidency study the structure and system for achieving this goal is reviewed for quality and reliable service, employees trained to motivate, to provide morale, good use of time, to organize, to see the future of the mission and vision, goals and values ​​were planning methods .

Department of Information Technology, University Information Technology Services unit (automation, Internet communication, web, mail, ftp, maintenance-repair-service, etc.). In order to meet the needs and demands;

An understanding of IT within the university,
Education, training and research, information technology infrastructure, hardware and software support to ensure
Data processing services on a regular basis to carry out
Technical innovations at the university by following the developments to ensure the implementation of


Students with academic and administrative units of the university computing services, and services that are required for meeting the needs arising from existing and smoothly responsive, sustainable produce software and hardware solutions, to ensure that the university and for this purpose by providing new information technologies, control and coordination through the effective and efficient to provide a way to use and maintain.


To keep abreast of developments in information technologies, constantly improve the technological infrastructure of our university, learn from all units to ensure widespread, information services, execution and delivery of its stakeholders in terms of technological infrastructure and service quality and technological sophistication in terms of leading our country to be among the preferred universities.

Computer networks and database services to the university environment, moving the unit to bring together the information in electronic form, to reach volumes quickly and accurately provide the services of our country by increasing efficiency and speed of e-Government in the process of developing a university, "the e-University" to reach the vision equipped with modern information technologies, offering advanced technological facilities, and to compete with contemporaries to be among the sample universities.


University and public interest wink
Sense of responsibility
Leadership and team awareness
Data and knowledge-based decision-making
Effectiveness and Efficiency
Call for perfection, professionalism
Innovation and Creativity, curiosity and interest in Technological
Transparency and Objectivity, Accountability
Open to change and improvement, continuous improvement and development
Based on values ​​and ethics to be tolerant

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