Computer Network Systems Management Group

Description of the task 
according to the University computer network planning, design, build and operate. Fundamental Duties, Powers and Responsibilities

1- Examine and solve network problems, computer, monitor network performance, network and intervene when necessary to take into account the console messages.
  2 -Urgently step in and solve the problems of network outages, network devices on the log (registration information), and configuration information to collect and archive. 
  3 -The withdrawal of the main campus buildings, and in the appropriate places within the fiber optic cables ensure the establishment of distribution cabinets.
 4 - Away from the main campus of the units other than the main campus, and provide connections to the computer to check the performance. 
 5 - Configuration of network devices to work correctly (Settings) to make security policy to determine the speed and sharing. 
 6 - Will use within the competence of the network devices (Allied-Telesyn Switch / Router, Cisco routers, Cisco VPN, Cisco Firewall, Checkpoint



Personnel Structure 
   - Engineer - Murat BİÇER
   - Computer Operator - Veysel BOLAT  

- Computer Operator - Berdan DOĞU

- Computer Operator - Özkan ZEYBEK

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