1 - Head of Department: 
President's on-site personnel for regular operation of all job descriptions and working groups, without distinction as to create a safe and peaceful working environment, 
the university IT infrastructure to create, operate, to support education and research, 
the project will provide control and monitoring,Upper units through dialogue; Presidency needs to report problems, provide a report on the projects and activities carried out, 
the Secretary General and / or the Deputy Secretary General of the control and coordination of the work.

2- Director of Administrative and Technical Services: 
The apartment ensure administrative affairs, control and manage. 
the management functions (Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordination, Control) operation using the group to ensure an effective and consistent manner
To keep track of emerging technologies, determine what is appropriate for the organization, whether the purchase of these technologies provide the technical specifications to be prepared. 
Deciding to work, and this work will be developed with the realization of projects to direct and administer the group. 
Data Processing Department of the President of the control and coordination of the work.

3 - Network and Systems Management Office: 
ULAKNET university computer network to provide connections to control and manage. 
university site and internet access, continuity of care required for automation, renovation work and make configuration changes according to the situation.Provide the infrastructure needed to run applications on a network, use the internet connection for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of the servers that provide network infrastructure services. 5,651 the number required by law to keep data about web page visits. 
President of the control and coordination of the Department of Information Processing works.

4 - Software Services Directorate 
to prepare the university web page and make updates on a regular basis. 
staff at the university academic and administrative units and events are created for organizations to publish web pages open web space and email account.
Ensuring the provision of technical services for the smooth conduct of the systems used to control and manage. 
Student Affairs, Personnel, Library and so on. automation software to create and / or purchase, is responsible for providing the necessary adjustments to be made, and by checking for updates. 
Information Processing Department of the President of the control and coordination of the work.

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