Information Processing Department of the Presidency, 
and the units of the university academic and administrative staff and students will be needed to meet the new information technologies in the IT services and the services of the university to gain the control and co-ordination through the use of an effective and efficient manner, and is intended to provide continuity.

units of university students with the academic and administrative staff and IT services, and services that are required to meet the existing and future requirements that responds smoothly, continuity, and new information technologies to produce software and hardware solutions that give our university, control and coordination of effective and efficient manner through and continuity in the use of

keep abreast of developments in information technology, to continuously improve the infrastructure of the university information processing, utilization of all the units commonly provide stakeholders with the management and delivery of IT services in terms of technological infrastructure and quality of service are among the leading universities in the country to contribute to the
University computer network and database environment with services unit of information in electronic form, to ensure fast and accurate access to the units, increasing the efficiency and speed of the services of our country in the process of developing e-government is a university "e-university" will bring the vision to equip with modern information technology, advanced technological opportunities offered is an example of universities that can compete and contemporaries.

university and the public interest 
of responsibility 
Efficiency and Productivity 
Leadership and team awareness 
and knowledge of the data to make decisions based on 
Seeking Perfection, Professionalism 
Innovation, technological curiosity and interest 
of transparency and objectivity, accountability, 
change and development 
, and ethical values ​​to be tolerant

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